Sunday Rewind

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Check out  if you missed Mark’s sermon Sunday, or if you want to listen again.  I missed it while doing security, and will be listening soon.  Brandi said it was really good.  I did step in to hear Cindy Morgan….I mean Heather Mayhew, as she knocked it out with Praise the King.

We started The Gospel Project on Sunday.  For the next few weeks we are going to look at the doctrine of revelation.  I feel like I did not communicate well Sunday, so here is a brief summary:

Our God speaks.  That is what you find in the opening words of Genesis.  We see the power of God in that His spoken word brings forth life and all creation.  Someone on twitter puts it well, “If we are God’s creation shouldn’t we approach God on His terms and not ours?”  Because He created us, we are His….He owns us and has the right to lead us….the right to rule and be in charge of us.

Moses started Genesis with the desire to show the Israelites that their God was the one true God amongst a land of idols and false gods.  We can easily be deceived in America and think no idol exists in our lives, when in reality, we may be worshiping not the God of the Bible, but a God that we create….a God that is more in line with our own desires.  Ultimately, we may be worshiping oursevles!

The greatness of the gospel is that we serve a holy and righteous God who created us for Him.  We messed up big time in rejecting His creator rights over us.  And in His great mercy and grace, He has spoken to us through creation (general revelation) and the Word of God (special revelation).  2 Corinthians 4:6 says “For God, who said, ‘Let light shine out of darkness,’ has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.”  Don’t miss it…God said “Let light shine out of darkness” is Genesis 1:3.  Out of darkness and chaos, God sent light which led to order and beauty.  Our hearts were once dark and our lives chaotic, but He has revealed Himself to us in His Son Jesus Christ.

We should view Scripture as our highest authority b/c it is God speaking to us.  What does it say about us if we are not spending time in the Word?  How can we know how to bring glory to God if we are not in the Word?  How can we know what He has tasked us with if are not daily meeting with Him through the pages of Scripture?  So here is the challenge….Get in the Word—daily for the month of September.  Get a good study bible and read John….read James….read 1 John….read Ephesians…read Galatians….read it and write down how God is speaking to you.

Ok….that was not brief.  Sorry.

Looking forward to hearing how God is speaking to you…b/c we serve a God who speaks.



Be sure you get it….

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Kenn asked me to post the following message:

This Sunday, please pick up enough placemats for your family to use one night next week during supper.  It will have the “Big Picture Question” on it along with the Christ Connection that the kids will learn this week in their LifeGroups.

The Gospel Project will give families a great opportunity to discuss the Bible and what our children are learning.  They are going to be going through the Bible.  How awesome is that.  And how awesome could it be if we nurtured/developed/fertilized that at home during the week?

Maybe you have struggled with you “reading through the Bible”.  This could be a great time to start fresh.  It doesn’t have to start Jan 1.

See you Sunday!


Social and Prayer Request

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I have heard from the Clippard’s, Dennis’, Burgard’s, Martin’s, Bowman’s, Underwood’s, and Gibb’s about a date.  Please let me know ASAP if the 22nd or 29th of September works better, or if you have no preference.

Also, we are nixing the childcare at church.  We will all be getting childcare for ourselves—so start making plans for childcare.

You may or may not know, but Dale Pingle (Whitney’s dad) is in the hospital at SE.  He has had a fever for several days, sometimes as high as 103.  They have ruled out West Nile, but beyond that they do not know what is wrong.  Please pray for answeres and healing.

Email me a date, or post a comment.  And pray for Dale!


The Gospel Project

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Have you checked out the lesson yet?  As we begin to look at the doctrine of revelation on Sunday….it is probably good to answer the question, “What is doctrine?”  Doctrine is simply a body of teachings relating to a particular subject.  So the “doctrine of revelation” looks at what the Bible says about how God has reveled Himself.  There are other doctrines, such as the doctrine of God, the doctrine of man, the doctrine of Christ, etc.

Listen to what the writer of Hebrews says in chapter four, verse 12:  “For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart.”

The writer of Hebrews said this b/c he saw the power of God exercised through His word.  Words matter and they carry weight.  And the weightiest words are those spoken by the most glorious Being in the universe.  His words matter b/c of who He is (from The Gospel Project Leader Guide).

In the words of Francis Chan…”We do not get to decide who God is.”  He is Creator, and with this He has all authority.  This means that His words matter.

Check out point one in your guide—-


Focus on a Family

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Want to learn more about the peeps in class….see if you can guess who this is!

This cat once had aspirations to become an engineer….then an attorney…but now does neither!  He loves baseball and Mystery Science Theater 3000 reruns (no idea what that is!)  He snagged his wife when he was a teacher and she was a student (in college).

She grew up a Cornhusker, but coverted to a Jayhawk in college.  She can speak the best Spanish ever!  She was so infatuated with her college professor that she married him.  Her Spanish speaking skills have come in handy in helping Arabic and Chinese college students to speak English.

Together they like BBQ shacks, burger stands, and sketchy restaurants.  If something has “museum” on it, they are THERE!

They have one child…named after the third president of the United States.  He likes Mario Kart, Spongebob, and telling convoluted stories that never end (so say his parents).

He is a published author, and she moonlights as a painter!

Who is it?

Jeremy, Breanna, and Jefferson Walling—–what a great blessing to our class!


The Gospel Project

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Grab your personal study guide this week as we begin the The Gospel Project Sunday.

For each week, you will find two devotional readings to prepare you before we meet for the lesson.  Then you will find the lesson.  Write down any questions you have as you read the lesson…or points that you find meaningful/significant.  After the lesson, go home and read the devotional lesson that will tie everything together.

For the next several weeks, we will look at the doctrine of revelation….as it relates to God (The God Who Speaks), man (Our Fallen Response to God’s Word), Christ (Christ’s Perfect Response to God’s Word), and response (Our Redeemed Response to God’s Word).  Do you see the gospel there?  God—man—Christ—response.

Our time in class studying this can be great if we all committ to reading/reveiwing the lessons each week and thinking about them, being challenged by them, and then coming together to learn and share.

Here is a bit from lesson one:  The fact that God speaks is a demonstration of His power, grace, and authority….b/c of this, there is nothing more important in life than hearing  God and obeying His voice.  We are relational beings and we were made for words…for hearing and for speaking….more teasers to come this week.

Get The Gospel Project out!  Open it!  Read it!



Please remember to pray for the Barb’s this week.  They are home now.  They are sure to be anxious about being new parents.  They are sure to be nervous about every sound that Cooper makes.  You all remember the grunts, gasps, gurgles….and diaper EXPLOSIONS.  So please remember to pray for them this week.  It is different when it is “new”.  Also, meals start for them on Wednesday.  We still need someone for Friday.

Here is the link of you want to sign up:

Thanks for praying and serving.