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Sunday we begin our fourth and final unit on the “Doctrine of Revelation” from the Gospel Project.

Remember that we have looked at how GOD speaks and reveals Himself to us through general and special revelation.  Next we saw MAN‘s fallen response to God’s Word.  The last few weeks we have seen how CHRIST responded perfectly to God’s Word.  Now we are ready to see our redeemed RESPONSE to God’s Word.   This is an excellent way to understand the Gospel—-through the lens of God, Man, Christ, Response.

Sunday we will look at Stephen in Acts 7 and will see that Stephen had received information about Christ and believed, he experienced transformation as a result, and then made proclamation of God’s Word a part of his life.

We had great discussion Sunday…THANKS TO ALL!  Hope to have more great discussion Sunday as we discuss learning the Word better, learning for transformation, and then proclaiming the Word that has changed us.

Remember that we are meeting in the Youth Room.  Also remember to set your clock’s back an hour before you go to bed Saturday night.



Sunday Rewind

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Thanks for the discussion/participation Sunday!

We looked at the lesson “God’s Law for Life” and saw how God adopted the nation of Israel into His family.  They had been enslaved in Egypt over 400 years and they were accustomed to Egyptian culture…used to a quasi-God in Pharaoh, and needed a new identity.  It was very similar to a baby from a third world orphanage coming to America and receiving a new identity here.  Just as a family here would introduce new rules, values, guidelines, etc—-God did the same with Israel.  And we saw that we learn about the character of God in His giving the law.  God’s law is rooted in His character–He is holy; thus His law is holy.  God is love, and he expects obedience b/c He loves us.

So don’t just look at the law as a set of rules.  Sure, some have passed (sacrificial and dietary laws), but God’s moral law continues.  And it is no longer about externals/actions, but is a matter of the heart (see the Sermon on the Mount).  We don’t become God’s child by keeping the law—Exodus 20:1 says that the people brought out of Egypt already belonged to God.  He then gave them the law out of His love for them, to show them how to be in relationship with Him.  Also, Galatians says the law was added b/c of transgressions.  What was it added to?  It was added to the covenant God made with Abraham.  And Abraham was justified by faith—not by works (law).  We discussed how God doesn’t recommend or suggest partial obedience, but total obedience.  We cannot do that–but Christ has done what we cannot.  And that power to obey is present within us.  And that is why we desparately need His grace.  As Tullian Tchividjian says, “The law is like a set of railroad tracks.  The tracks provide no power for the train but the train must stay on the tracks in order to function.  The law never gives any power to do what it commands.  Only the gospel has power, as it were, to move the train.“—-what a quote!!

Please look at lesson 6…”Numb to the Word” for Sunday.  This is the last lesson looking at man’s fallen response to God’s Word.  Remember the Gospel Project breaks the units into God/Man/Christ/Response.

See you Sunday!

Sunday Lesson

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Have you read the lesson for The Gospel Project yet?  What a good one!

We have been looking at the doctrine of revelation.  We have seen that God speaks and He speaks to us through general revelation (creation).  In His creation, we see the attributes of His power, wisdom, love, and more.  Ultimately we see His glory, b/c His glory is wrapped up in the sum of His attributes.

God also reveals Himself to us through special revelation—His written Word.  General revelation has limits b/c it cannot save.  It is enough to make all responsible, but not enough to bring salvation.  Special revelation is available to specific people at specific times in specific places.  And through the work of the Spirit, it is the special revelation of God to sinners that is able to save.

Sunday we are going to look at lesson 4–“In God We Trust”.  We will begin to look at man’s fallen respons to God’s Word.  So look at the lesson which covers Genesis 3:1-6.  Those 6 verses in Genesis 3 are some of the most important verses in Scripture to understand.  So check it out and see how we question, belittle, and disboey God’s Word.  Class will be much better if we have all been in the text before Sunday…so dig in!

Can’t wait.


Sunday Lesson

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Sunday we will look at lesson 2 from The Gospel Project:  God Is Not Hiding–The God Who Reveals Himself Through Creation

Last week we looked at the fact that God speaks.

This week we will look at the concept of general revelation.

Think about these questions:  What do we see in creation that points us to a Creator?  What does Romans 1:20 say and ask yourself what general revelation can and cannot do?

Is general revelation enough to save?  What about the “innocent” native on the unreached island?

Make sure to look at lesson 2 for Sunday!  Looking forward to it.


The Gospel Project

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Have you checked out the lesson yet?  As we begin to look at the doctrine of revelation on Sunday….it is probably good to answer the question, “What is doctrine?”  Doctrine is simply a body of teachings relating to a particular subject.  So the “doctrine of revelation” looks at what the Bible says about how God has reveled Himself.  There are other doctrines, such as the doctrine of God, the doctrine of man, the doctrine of Christ, etc.

Listen to what the writer of Hebrews says in chapter four, verse 12:  “For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart.”

The writer of Hebrews said this b/c he saw the power of God exercised through His word.  Words matter and they carry weight.  And the weightiest words are those spoken by the most glorious Being in the universe.  His words matter b/c of who He is (from The Gospel Project Leader Guide).

In the words of Francis Chan…”We do not get to decide who God is.”  He is Creator, and with this He has all authority.  This means that His words matter.

Check out point one in your guide—-


The Gospel Project

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Grab your personal study guide this week as we begin the The Gospel Project Sunday.

For each week, you will find two devotional readings to prepare you before we meet for the lesson.  Then you will find the lesson.  Write down any questions you have as you read the lesson…or points that you find meaningful/significant.  After the lesson, go home and read the devotional lesson that will tie everything together.

For the next several weeks, we will look at the doctrine of revelation….as it relates to God (The God Who Speaks), man (Our Fallen Response to God’s Word), Christ (Christ’s Perfect Response to God’s Word), and response (Our Redeemed Response to God’s Word).  Do you see the gospel there?  God—man—Christ—response.

Our time in class studying this can be great if we all committ to reading/reveiwing the lessons each week and thinking about them, being challenged by them, and then coming together to learn and share.

Here is a bit from lesson one:  The fact that God speaks is a demonstration of His power, grace, and authority….b/c of this, there is nothing more important in life than hearing  God and obeying His voice.  We are relational beings and we were made for words…for hearing and for speaking….more teasers to come this week.

Get The Gospel Project out!  Open it!  Read it!



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Be sure to read 1 John 5:1-5 for Sunday.  Mark is going to bring a great sermon and we are going to peel away some more layers, discuss the text, apply it, and learn from one another.

Here are some hints on what we will discuss:










See you Sunday.  Can’t wait!