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This Momentary Marriage

Posted: August 24, 2012 in Men Stuff, thoughts, Women Stuff

Just bought another case of This Momentary Marriage.  If you did not get one, let me know, and when they come in, I will be sure to get you a copy.  Please read it.  Read it as a couple.  It will benefit your marriage.  If it blesses you, buy a copy and give it to someone else.  Or buy a case and give them away.  Here is a video that is related to the book.  Watch it.  It will bless you.


Men’s Group

Posted: April 14, 2011 in Men Stuff


We are meeting tomorrow at 6:00 am for Men’s Group.  Look at chapter 7–Discipline of Devotion for in the morning.  We will discuss meditation, confession, and adoration. 

Here are some challenging questions from the “Food for Thought” section at the end of the chapter:

How much time do you generally spend in conversation with God?  Why should you meditate on the Lord and His Word and will?  What does devotion have to do with confession, and vice versa?  In what ways do you identify with Isaiah’s confession in Isaiah 6:5?  Do you find it difficult to make time to meditate, to confess, to worship, to consciously surrender to God?

See ya’ll in the morning.


Men’s Group

Posted: March 24, 2011 in Men Stuff


Tomorrow we will meet at Panera @ 6:00 am to discuss chapter six from Disciplines of a Godly Man.  This chapter looks at discipline of the mind–an extremely important and relevant chapter in today’s culture.

See you for a bearclaw or power-sandwich in the morning–and the all important cup of coffee!


Men’s Group

Posted: March 8, 2011 in Men Stuff


Thursday morning we will meet @ 6:00 am @ Panera.  We will continue to look @ Disciplines of a Godly Man.  If you do not yet have the book, come on anyway. 

Last time we looked @ the discipline of marriage and fatherhood.  This week we will look @ the discipline of friendship, which will conlude the section of relationships (purity, marriage, fatherhood, friendship). 

The next section will look @ the soul looking at discipline of the mind, devotion, prayer, and worship. 

See you Thursday bright and early to discuss friendship–a topic men need to discuss.


Men’s Group

Posted: February 24, 2011 in Men Stuff


We will meet Thursday morning at 6 am @ Panera.  We will discuss chapters 3 and 4 (disciplines of fatherhood and marriage). 

Should be good.  See you in the morning with a bearclaw!


Men’s Group

Posted: February 10, 2011 in Men Stuff

See you in the morning at Panera Bread for coffee, power sandwich, bearclaws, etc….and some good discussion on the first two chapter of Disciplines of a Godly Man. 

The first chapter covers discipline in general and why the need for discipline in a man’s life. 

The second chapter covers the discipline of purity.

See you @ 6 am in the morning.


Men’s Retreat Details

Posted: February 3, 2011 in Class Fun, Men Stuff

Men–Here are some details about the weekend from Alex

The men should meet at Lynwood and depart at 6:00 pm to head over to the
farm.  Dinner will be served as soon as the caravan arrives.
A devotional and the cross raising will occur after dinner.
ATV runs, boat rowing, and fun around the campfire will round out the
night (maybe a few cards in the cabin at night).
Saturday morning we will have a big breakfast coordinated by Joe Benning.
Red Nick rifle shoot will take place Saturday morning.
Pick up and departure will occur around noon.
I can send directions to anyone requesting them (

Sounds like fun…let us know if you have any questions.