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Focus on a Family

Posted: August 29, 2012 in Class Fun, Community, Families, Fun Stuff

Want to learn more about the peeps in class….see if you can guess who this is!

This cat once had aspirations to become an engineer….then an attorney…but now does neither!  He loves baseball and Mystery Science Theater 3000 reruns (no idea what that is!)  He snagged his wife when he was a teacher and she was a student (in college).

She grew up a Cornhusker, but coverted to a Jayhawk in college.  She can speak the best Spanish ever!  She was so infatuated with her college professor that she married him.  Her Spanish speaking skills have come in handy in helping Arabic and Chinese college students to speak English.

Together they like BBQ shacks, burger stands, and sketchy restaurants.  If something has “museum” on it, they are THERE!

They have one child…named after the third president of the United States.  He likes Mario Kart, Spongebob, and telling convoluted stories that never end (so say his parents).

He is a published author, and she moonlights as a painter!

Who is it?

Jeremy, Breanna, and Jefferson Walling—–what a great blessing to our class!



What’s Playing?

Posted: May 8, 2012 in Fun Stuff


Let’s find out a little bit about each other.  There is some great Christian music out there, so….

Share with us what you are listening to…I will kick it off:  White Flag Passion CD—10,000 Reasons with Matt Redman and You Revive Me with Christy Nockels are my favs right now, Bethel Live–Be Lifted High, anything Christy Nockels, anything w/ Travis Cottrel, Gungor—Beautiful Things CD, and Rick and Bubba (radio and Stay In It CD).

Now it is your turn—what’s playing?


Coming Up….

Posted: May 8, 2012 in Class Fun, Community, Fun Stuff


Class Social this Saturday at Cape County Park South.  Thanks to Jennifer Dennis for leading this.  I think it starts at 3 pm.  Jennifer, can you post a comment clarifying the time and which shelter.

Bring games and fun stuff.  We can pull a little Duck Dynasty if someone wants to bring golf clubs, golf balls, and guns!  Just kidding Troy Martin.

Here are the food sign ups:



Martins—side dish

Bowmans—side dish


Burgards—side dish

Crismans—race track slaw (do we have to eat this fast???)

Old Bandermanns—corn

Ewasko—fruit salad

Young Bandermanns—dessert


Greenes—tater salad

If you are not listed and will be there, please post a comment so we know how much chicken to buy, as well as what you will bring.  Remember that you may need to bring a cooler or something to keep your dessert/side dish “fresh”.  Also remember to bring drinks for your family.

Also, Sarah Bandermann “Sprinkle” is 5/17 at Saffron—6:30 pm.  Ladies—put it on your calendars.

See you Saturday.


Y’all ready for some tacos with some college peeps?

April 15th we are getting creative and doing a taco bar (please do not mention “bar” as we are Baptists and people may get confused).

Whitney, our leader in this shindig, says we should plan to feed 100—I assume that includes us and our kiddos.  The El Torero meat idea did not pan out, so we are going to have to bring some BEEF (you may want to ask Kenn R if he has any ground beef!)

Here is who signed up for what:

4 lbs taco meat——–Young Bandermanns

4 lbs taco meat——–Burgards

4 lbs taco meat——–Greenes

4 lbs taco meat——–Open (that is not someone’s last name)

4 lbs taco meat——–Rosemans

100 soft shell tacos—Hasty’s

3 large bags taco chips—Witfoots

3 large bags taco chips—Bowmans

Lettuce/Diced tomatoes—Ewaskos

3 large bags shredded cheese—Older Bandermanns

Sour Cream and Salsa—Wallings

Guacamole—Open (Not a new couple)

Crock Pot Rotel—Bowmans

Crock Pot Rotel—Open (not a class prospect)



2 desserts—Barbs

2 desserts—Ethridges

2 desserts—Bowmans

2 desserts—Mayhews

Crock of Refried Beans—WHO WANTS THIS ONE????

Rotel Corn—Greenes

If your name is not listed and you will be here and are willing to bring something, please leave a comment with what you are bringing and I will edit the post and hopefully the “Opens” will be no more.


Easter Linebacker!!!!

Posted: March 30, 2012 in Fun Stuff

Send me a message with your email if you did not get an invite to join the madness.

Are you a bracket man….or bracket woman?


March Madness Baby!!!!!

Posted: March 6, 2012 in Class Fun, Fun Stuff

Get your pencils sharpened.  The Madness starts this week!  Brackets come out Sunday.  Get ready!!!!!!!!