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Focus on a Family

Posted: August 29, 2012 in Class Fun, Community, Families, Fun Stuff

Want to learn more about the peeps in class….see if you can guess who this is!

This cat once had aspirations to become an engineer….then an attorney…but now does neither!  He loves baseball and Mystery Science Theater 3000 reruns (no idea what that is!)  He snagged his wife when he was a teacher and she was a student (in college).

She grew up a Cornhusker, but coverted to a Jayhawk in college.  She can speak the best Spanish ever!  She was so infatuated with her college professor that she married him.  Her Spanish speaking skills have come in handy in helping Arabic and Chinese college students to speak English.

Together they like BBQ shacks, burger stands, and sketchy restaurants.  If something has “museum” on it, they are THERE!

They have one child…named after the third president of the United States.  He likes Mario Kart, Spongebob, and telling convoluted stories that never end (so say his parents).

He is a published author, and she moonlights as a painter!

Who is it?

Jeremy, Breanna, and Jefferson Walling—–what a great blessing to our class!




Please remember to pray for the Barb’s this week.  They are home now.  They are sure to be anxious about being new parents.  They are sure to be nervous about every sound that Cooper makes.  You all remember the grunts, gasps, gurgles….and diaper EXPLOSIONS.  So please remember to pray for them this week.  It is different when it is “new”.  Also, meals start for them on Wednesday.  We still need someone for Friday.

Here is the link of you want to sign up:

Thanks for praying and serving.


Baby Stephens

Posted: May 15, 2012 in Families, news

Welcome Mercy Grace to the world!  She was born today at 3:08, weighing 6 lbs 13 oz and measured 19.5 in.

Jason said that Jessica and the baby were doing well, and should go home Wednesday.

As you all likely know, Jessica works faithfully in the preschool at church—and so people from the preschool ministry, as well as our lifegroup will want to serve them meals.

Ashley Lancaster has put together dates from a website called Food Tidings.  There are a lot of dates listed, so please do not feel that we have to have all the dates covered.  In the past we have traditionally served meals for about 2 weeks, every other day.  The dates are all there for flexibility and for preschool workers to be able to minister to the Stephens as well.

It would be nice to start Wednesday.

Here is the site:

This is a great way and a great time to serve the Stephens, so check out the link above.  Thanks for serving!



Hebrews 10:24-25:  “And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.”

Let’s stir one another up to intentionally put God’s word in our hearts and minds….let’s encourage one another to do this!

If you have an iPhone, spend the $2.99 for the Figher Verse App from Children Desiring God.  It is great.  Do you need a program like this to memorize the Word?  Of course not, but it sure does help to have a systematic way to do it.  If you don’t have an Android or iPhone, here is the link, and you can do the same thing. Put it in your favorites and use it as a family.  You will be blessed.  And you will have the Sword available to use with skill and precision when the enemy is working.

Paul tells us in Romans that we are to be transformed….how you ask?  By the renewing of the mind!  A big part of renewing the mind is put God’s Word there!


Pray for the Underwoods

Posted: January 5, 2012 in Community, Families, Ministry, news


Please pray for the Underwoods for the next several days.  They are leaving tomorrow to fly to DC, and on Friday they will leave for Ethiopia.

Please pray for strength/endurance as their flight is 13 hours.  Pray also that all the paperwork is ready when they go to court (Monday night while we are getting some shut-eye).  If all the paperwork is there, they should pass the process and this precious girl will legally be the Underwood’s daughter.

Also, please pray for them as they meet for the first time, and for a potential meeting with the birth mom.  In addition, if you would please pray for their children as they will be gone for one week—pray especially for Bailey as she is having a difficult time with them being gone for so long.

It is a privilege to get to do life together, and to be able to pray for one another….so let’s pray for the Underwoods!


Focus on a Family

Posted: September 16, 2011 in Families

Ready for a “Focus on a Family”?  Here goes….

They are about to celebrate their 10 month anniversary…
Between the 2 of them, they have been to 9 countries…
He travelled in a band for 8 years after college…

He hails from Green Ridge, Missouri (population 445).  In high school, he was a phenom on the basketball court, on the baseball diamond, and while kicking the soccer ball around.  He later graduated from Southwest Missouri State University.

She comes to us from Rolla, Missouri….and is a graduate of Mizzou!  Yeah!!!!  Rumor is she chose Mizzou for the athletics over the academics!

They both like to cook, run, play games, and they want to jump out of a plane some day.  Currently, they are training for a marathon and are running with a purpose….and they are in the process of buying their first house!

Who is it?  You guessed it….Eric and Kelly Barb.  Great to have you in class.  If you have not been able to meet the Barbs, you are missing out!

You can check out their fundraising goal for their marathon, as well as cause they are supporting @

You can also check out Eric’s blog @

Great to have you Eric and Kelly



Passionate Love Conference

Posted: September 14, 2011 in Discipleship, Families

Gang….did not know all the details Sunday, but now we do.  Check out the following link:

This will be at Lynwood on Friday, November 4th from 6-10:45 pm.  Speakers will be Joe White, Ted Cunningham, and our own Mark Anderson!  So put this on your calendar.  Should be good.  Great topics straight from the Bible to help us all be better husands and wives and have a better marriage.