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Sunday we begin our fourth and final unit on the “Doctrine of Revelation” from the Gospel Project.

Remember that we have looked at how GOD speaks and reveals Himself to us through general and special revelation.  Next we saw MAN‘s fallen response to God’s Word.  The last few weeks we have seen how CHRIST responded perfectly to God’s Word.  Now we are ready to see our redeemed RESPONSE to God’s Word.   This is an excellent way to understand the Gospel—-through the lens of God, Man, Christ, Response.

Sunday we will look at Stephen in Acts 7 and will see that Stephen had received information about Christ and believed, he experienced transformation as a result, and then made proclamation of God’s Word a part of his life.

We had great discussion Sunday…THANKS TO ALL!  Hope to have more great discussion Sunday as we discuss learning the Word better, learning for transformation, and then proclaiming the Word that has changed us.

Remember that we are meeting in the Youth Room.  Also remember to set your clock’s back an hour before you go to bed Saturday night.