Sunday Rewind

Posted: October 4, 2012 in thoughts, Upcoming lessons


Thanks for the discussion/participation Sunday!

We looked at the lesson “God’s Law for Life” and saw how God adopted the nation of Israel into His family.  They had been enslaved in Egypt over 400 years and they were accustomed to Egyptian culture…used to a quasi-God in Pharaoh, and needed a new identity.  It was very similar to a baby from a third world orphanage coming to America and receiving a new identity here.  Just as a family here would introduce new rules, values, guidelines, etc—-God did the same with Israel.  And we saw that we learn about the character of God in His giving the law.  God’s law is rooted in His character–He is holy; thus His law is holy.  God is love, and he expects obedience b/c He loves us.

So don’t just look at the law as a set of rules.  Sure, some have passed (sacrificial and dietary laws), but God’s moral law continues.  And it is no longer about externals/actions, but is a matter of the heart (see the Sermon on the Mount).  We don’t become God’s child by keeping the law—Exodus 20:1 says that the people brought out of Egypt already belonged to God.  He then gave them the law out of His love for them, to show them how to be in relationship with Him.  Also, Galatians says the law was added b/c of transgressions.  What was it added to?  It was added to the covenant God made with Abraham.  And Abraham was justified by faith—not by works (law).  We discussed how God doesn’t recommend or suggest partial obedience, but total obedience.  We cannot do that–but Christ has done what we cannot.  And that power to obey is present within us.  And that is why we desparately need His grace.  As Tullian Tchividjian says, “The law is like a set of railroad tracks.  The tracks provide no power for the train but the train must stay on the tracks in order to function.  The law never gives any power to do what it commands.  Only the gospel has power, as it were, to move the train.“—-what a quote!!

Please look at lesson 6…”Numb to the Word” for Sunday.  This is the last lesson looking at man’s fallen response to God’s Word.  Remember the Gospel Project breaks the units into God/Man/Christ/Response.

See you Sunday!


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