Sunday Lesson

Posted: September 21, 2012 in Upcoming lessons


Have you read the lesson for The Gospel Project yet?  What a good one!

We have been looking at the doctrine of revelation.  We have seen that God speaks and He speaks to us through general revelation (creation).  In His creation, we see the attributes of His power, wisdom, love, and more.  Ultimately we see His glory, b/c His glory is wrapped up in the sum of His attributes.

God also reveals Himself to us through special revelation—His written Word.  General revelation has limits b/c it cannot save.  It is enough to make all responsible, but not enough to bring salvation.  Special revelation is available to specific people at specific times in specific places.  And through the work of the Spirit, it is the special revelation of God to sinners that is able to save.

Sunday we are going to look at lesson 4–“In God We Trust”.  We will begin to look at man’s fallen respons to God’s Word.  So look at the lesson which covers Genesis 3:1-6.  Those 6 verses in Genesis 3 are some of the most important verses in Scripture to understand.  So check it out and see how we question, belittle, and disboey God’s Word.  Class will be much better if we have all been in the text before Sunday…so dig in!

Can’t wait.



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