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Posted: April 20, 2012 in news


Following is a hodgepodge of info:

Congrats to the Ewaskos–pround parents of Cameron Auburn born on Friday, April 13th @ just over 7 lbs.  Please continue to pray for “Aubie”, mom, and dad.

Here is the meal list for the Ewaskos:  Fri April 20—Mayhews, Sun April 22—Dennis’, Tue April 24—Ogburns, Thu April 26th—Wallings, Sat April 28th—DeeAnn Bowman, Mon April 30th—Witvoets, Wed May 2—Burgards

If your name is not listed above, get ready…..’cause we got the Stephen’s, Bandermann’s, Barrett’s, Flentge’s, Barb’s and Mayhew’s we can take meals to.

Also, please remember to pray for the Underwoods.  There are home with Kabaina and have had some good times, as well as some tough times, so definately remember to pray for them—BIG time of adjustment.

Put May 12 on your calendars.  We will have a kid friendly social at Cape County Park South with fried chicken and all the fixins.  Thanks to Jennifer Dennis for the work on this.  Should be fun.

Alex will be bringing the Word on Sunday.

Speaking of the Word, really been convicted lately about intentionally memorizing scripture….for myself and my family.  I mentioned the Fighter Verses Sunday morning from Children Desiring God.  They have a GREAT $2.99 app on the iPhone.  Sarah B mentioned we should all do it together, so here we go.  The Fighter Verse for this week is in the category “Word of God” and is Deuteronomy 6:6-7

“These words that I have commanded you today shall be on your heart.  You shall teach them dilligently to your children, and  shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise.  Deuteronomy 6:6-7 (ESV)

Love you all and see you on the 29th!



Y’all ready for some tacos with some college peeps?

April 15th we are getting creative and doing a taco bar (please do not mention “bar” as we are Baptists and people may get confused).

Whitney, our leader in this shindig, says we should plan to feed 100—I assume that includes us and our kiddos.  The El Torero meat idea did not pan out, so we are going to have to bring some BEEF (you may want to ask Kenn R if he has any ground beef!)

Here is who signed up for what:

4 lbs taco meat——–Young Bandermanns

4 lbs taco meat——–Burgards

4 lbs taco meat——–Greenes

4 lbs taco meat——–Open (that is not someone’s last name)

4 lbs taco meat——–Rosemans

100 soft shell tacos—Hasty’s

3 large bags taco chips—Witfoots

3 large bags taco chips—Bowmans

Lettuce/Diced tomatoes—Ewaskos

3 large bags shredded cheese—Older Bandermanns

Sour Cream and Salsa—Wallings

Guacamole—Open (Not a new couple)

Crock Pot Rotel—Bowmans

Crock Pot Rotel—Open (not a class prospect)



2 desserts—Barbs

2 desserts—Ethridges

2 desserts—Bowmans

2 desserts—Mayhews

Crock of Refried Beans—WHO WANTS THIS ONE????

Rotel Corn—Greenes

If your name is not listed and you will be here and are willing to bring something, please leave a comment with what you are bringing and I will edit the post and hopefully the “Opens” will be no more.


Prayers Please

Posted: April 4, 2012 in news


Christy Martin’s dad, Clayton Scheper (member @ Lynwood) is having cornea transplants tomorrow.  Please pray for the procedure, and that he will recover well.  He has to lay on his back for 24 hours after surgery, so please pray for patience as well.

Also, please remember to pray for the Underwoods as leave for Ethiopia on Friday.  They will leave being parents of 4 kids and will return with 5!  Whoa!  Wow!  Are you kidding me!?  Also, please check out the following link if you would like to take them a meal:

Finally, you have seen a previous post about the young boy oversees that the Ogburn’s have been able to assist with heart surgery.  He is currently doing well and out of the hospital.  Thanks for praying!

Now finally—please remember the Ewaskos—only a few weeks left until Cameron Auburn is here (you saw that right—-2 Aubies are naming their daughter after their favorite university)!  True fans. I am jealous.  Makes me want to have a fourth and name him or her Memphis!

Many others to be praying for—–Ronnie’s mom, Martin’s home selling and relocation, other pregnancies, Mayhew’s adoption, those battling cancer, Good Friday  and Easter services, and more.

Let’s be a group that prays for each other.

I love you all.