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Prayer Requests

Posted: January 26, 2012 in news


Please remember to pray for Kristi Ewasko’s dad, Steve.  He is undergoing a cardiac procedure Friday at 8:00 am that has risks, but potential for great reward as well.   Here is something from Kristi that shows the power of community and prayer in the local church…

My father is a very strong person and doesn’t show much, if any, emotion so it really hit me hard when I told him that our class was praying for him and he teared up.  I think knowing that means so much to him.  He LOVES that Matt and I are embedded in such an amazing group of believers and now that he is experiencing firsthand the thoughts and prayers from people he doesn’t even know, is really helping him through this week.

Also, please pray for Josh and Lisa Barrett.  Lisa is pregnant w/ their third baby and recently learned that there is a very low amount of amniotic fluid and a mass in the abdomen that is not supposed to be there.  They are going to have an ultrasound in StL on 1.30 and f/u with a physician in Stl on 2.7.  The following is from Lisa…

We would appreciate your prayers very very much as we are processing all of this and may be facing some rather difficult things.
I have set up a caring bridge website at where I will update a journal with new information as we get it from doctors. I think you have to sign in, and there is somewhere where you can choose to receive an email notification or text message when there is an update, if you would like.
Thanks for praying!

Upward Testimonies/Devotions

Posted: January 19, 2012 in Class Activities


We need 3 more peeps for 2.11.12 to share at Upward.  Each person will share three times over an hour (halftime of each of 3 games).

Here is who signed up:

8:30  Tami Burgard

9:30  Ryan Bandermann


11:30  Josh Burgard



2:30  Kendra Odom

Burgards are steppin’ up!  Thanks also to RB and Kendra!  I see three lonely times.  Who’s gonna fill ’em?  Leave a comment and let’s share the gospel, show an inviting lifestyle, be a witness, talk about the Lord, help to make Him famous….whatever you want to call it…let’s be like Nike and just do it!


Sunday Rewind

Posted: January 19, 2012 in thoughts


Great and challenging message from Mark Sunday–to see people as God sees people.  How is that….

1) God sees people as hurting people:  valued and loved, as orphans, sinners, and like sheep without a shephard

2) God hurts for hurting people–in Matthew 9, Jesus felt compassion and was sick to his stomach (moved) and He went to the Cross b/c of this—what sacrifices are we making?

3) God understands the reality of the needs people have—-do we?

4) God calls His followers to pray–it aligns our hearts with God’s and moves us to action

So do you have God’s perspective…Do you see people as God does?

In class we looked at some of the spiritual privileges we have from 1 Peter 2.  We have union with Christ, access to God, security, power, separation from the world, ability to walk in light, and the privilege of proclaiming the gospel.  Those are great truths that should move us to worship and praise God more and more each day.

The many privileges God has given believers should make us grateful to God for all He has done.  That gratitude should be expressed  both in thanksgiving and confession.  If we are grateful for the spiritual privileges that have been freely given to us, we will lift our hearts in praise to God and confess our sins.

Praise Him!





Posted: January 13, 2012 in Community, news


As you know, Lynwood members do testimonies at halftime of Upward games. Kenn has asked our class to cover 2 Sundays, the first of which is 1.28. We need seven people. Couples may sign up and do them together(there is some material provided).

So put 1.28 on your calendar and plan to be there for an hour. Drew Witvoet led the way last year–who will lead the way this year?

Sign up sheet will go around Sunday.


Believer’s Privileges

Posted: January 13, 2012 in Upcoming lessons


Sunday we will look at 1 Peter 2:4-10 & discuss some of the privileges we have as believers.
We will discuss the privilege of being united to Christ, having access to Christ, security in Him, affection, & more.

1 Peter is a Great book & this is a great passage—check it out. Will have you a handout for Sunday.



Posted: January 6, 2012 in news, Upcoming lessons


Sunday Mark will share his State of the Church address.  Will be a big day and I’m sure a great message.  If possible, make plans to be there.

Following that, we will continue our study of John 15 and abiding in Christ.  We will dig more into what it really means and looks like to abide in Christ.

Many Christians ask what is involved in having a vital relationship with Jesus Christ…and arguably the best illustration of a believer’s relationship to Christ is that of a vine and branches….so John 15 is good stuff.  Read the first 15 verses of chapter 15 and we will see you Sunday.


MCST–What U Gonna Do?

Posted: January 5, 2012 in Discipleship


Great course offerings through the MCST this semester, which starts this Sunday, 1.8.12.

The Christ-Centered Life

NT Survey

Read the Bible for Life

Courageous:  Honor Begins in the Home

Experiencing God

The Truth Project


James (for women)

I highly recommend The Truth Project (great impact on me regarding worldview), Read the Bible for Life (great class to teach you how to better study the Word and how to see the grand story of redemption throughout the Bible), Experiencing God (very practical and helps you to better understand God and how to join Him in His work), Hebrews (a great NT book), and The Christ-Centered Life (never taken it but familiar w/ the material), as well as NT survey (how could one go wrong with that).

Transformation comes through renewing the mind according to Paul in Romans 12.  So let’s all be a part of MCST.  It would be great to see a bunch of young folk there on a Sunday night who want to dig into God’s Word.

Thankful for Lynwood and it’s desire to disciple its peeps.