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Sunday Lesson

Posted: August 31, 2011 in Upcoming lessons


Sunday we will look @ Mark 11.  A lesson on fruit and faith.  Please look at your notes for Sunday.

We will see that the people embraced Jesus as their king, and later killed Him.  Jesus was not the kind of king they expected.  So think of these ?’s.
Do we sometimes have expectations of God that he does not fulfill?
How do we respond when God does not do what we expect?
How can we demonstrate trust in God even when he does not do what we expect him to do?
Can we glorify God even when our personal expectations are not met?

What is the deal with the fig tree from verses 11-25?
What are some examples of how we sometimes bear lots of leaves but no fruit?  What is the difference between leaves and
What is required for us to be able to bear fruit?

This will be our last lesson in the Gospels, and we will then move on to Acts and more.

Have a great week!




Posted: August 31, 2011 in thoughts

A big thank you goes to the Clippard’s.  We could see they went to a lot of work.

Thanks for the facility, thanks for doing the meat, desserts, and drinks.  And thanks to everyone for coming and for bringing a side.

And, thanks to the Wit”foots” for giving us a great reason to get together!

Michael and Cathy would never mention this…but if they likely put up some $$$ for the food/facility.  If you would like to give, feel free.

Thanks again.

See you Sunday.


Sunday Lesson

Posted: August 27, 2011 in Upcoming lessons


Sunday we will study John 8, where we will see Jesus as the Light of the World.

The lesson makes much more sense in the context of the Feast of Tabernacles–a feast celebrated to remember how God guided Israel through the wilderness.  During the wilderness jouney, God guided Israel as a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night.

During the Feast of Tabernacles, the Jews remembered God’s guidance by partaking in a great candle lighting ceremony.

Jesus comes on the scene and makes his second “I am” statement.  Last week we looked at how Jesus is the Bread of Life.  Now, in the context of the Feast of Tabernacles, Jesus says, “I am the Light of the World”.

Think about the Old Testament….God led the Jews out of slavery, led them through the wilderness to the Promised Land.   God has also led us out of slavery (to sin)…He leads us through the wilderness of this world, and untimately to the Promised Land of Heaven.  The Old Testament context and the Jesus as the Light of the World is a great connection.

Look @ Exodus 13:21-22, Exodus 13:17-22, and Leviticus 23:42-43 for context Sunday.

Think about these questions….Why is Jesus qualified to be the light of the world?  What does Jesus save us from?  What is Jesus saving us to?  How does Jesus provide guidance today?  How might we more effectively reflect Jesus’ identity as the light of the world and our role as the light of the world in our lives and faith community?  What is meant by the statement:  “The light that shines the farthest shines the brightest at home.”

I love you all and love studying God’s Word with you.

See you Sunday


Register Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: August 25, 2011 in Discipleship

Gang….check out to register for an MCST class this fall.  Classes will be offered on Romans, Old Testament, Read the Bible for Life, The Christ Centered Life, CR Step Study, Open Bible Study, and a Women’s Bible Study.  Wow!  This is a great opportunity to learn and grow.  Click on the link above and sign up.  There are descriptions of the courses on that site.


Witvoet Wahoooo!

Posted: August 25, 2011 in Class Fun, Community, Families, Fun Stuff

wa·hoo interj \ˈwä-ˈhü \

Wahoo can be used in the noun form to refer to an elm, or to a large mackerel.  We ain’t talking about trees or fish here though.  We are using “wahoo” as an interjection…referring to expressing exuberance or enthusiasm or to attract attention.

So come to Walden Park at 6:00pm on Monday, 8/29 to express your exuberance for the Witvoet’s and their new addition (ok, relatively new) Scarlet.  We will eat and fellowship.  Kids are welcome.  Meat is provided, but please bring a side dish.

This is a great opportunity to get to know people better.  Will be relaxed and a great time.

If I have forgotten something, someone please leave a comment.

Looking forward to this.  It will be my first wahoooo!


Praises and Prayer Requests

Posted: August 25, 2011 in Community


Here is a summary of praises and prayer requests from Sunday.

Praises:   Brandon Gibbs eye appt in StL went well with a good report, DeeAnn Bowman’s OB visit went well, Cathy Clippard mentioned that prayers were answered with Anna and middle school

Prayer Requests:  Emily Witvoet having minor surgery Thursday at 10:45, Jason Steven’s friend’s son has swelling around the brainstem, Jason and Jessica trying to concieve, DeeAnn Bowman with pregnancy induced carpal tunnel syndrome, Barb Crain has begun radiation treatments for her neck so pray for healing, school has started so pray for kids/parents/teachers/etc, Kate Lipke (friends of Underwoods) having 3rd open heart surgery on 9/1, Underwoods having home-study update on 9/9.

Also please remember the Crisman’s.  They have recently gone through a move and having to sell a house, a miscarriage, Kate diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, and Brian having issues with his voice (no small thing when you are a worship pastor).

Finally, Alex’s sister has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer.  She lives in Austin and is Alex’s twin.  They are very close.  Her name is Erin, so please pray for her and that Alex would be able to minister to his sister.

Thanks for praying.



Remember that MCST is just around the corner.  In a previous post, I mentioned that the MCST (Midwest Center for Spiritual Transformation) will start on 8/21.  That date was WRONG!   The MCST begins on 8/28.  Classes will be offered on the following, and you can register online @

Read the Bible for Life

Old Testament

Bible Book Study: Romans

The Christ-centered Life

Beginnings (for new believers)

CR Step Study

Open Bible Study

TrueU, Part 1: Does God Exist? (for Students and their parents)

TrueU, Part 2: Is the Bible Reliable? (for Students and their parents)

The Gospel Journey: Maui (for Students)

LSM Prayer Time (open to all)

Divorce Care

Women’s Bible Study: So Long Insecurity

If you are new to Lynwood and are not familiar with MCST, leave a comment with your question and I will try to answer.

Also, remember to look @ John 6 for Sunday and your handouts—-are you keeping up with your folders?

And remember the Witvoet Wahooooo! on 8/22 (Monday) @ 6:00pm @ Walden Park.  Great social opportunity.  More details to come.