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Focus on a Family

Posted: February 26, 2011 in Families

Time for another installment of “Focus on a Family”!

They are highschool sweethearts and are legendary in Marion, IL. 

They moved here (Jackson) from Arnold, MO about 5 years ago.  He is known as Mr. Smooth, and she has a silkly smooth voice.  They have been hitched for 10 years and have three kiddos.  The other member of their family has four legs and wrinkly face!

They have been attending Lynwood for about the past year, and joined the church in September.  They enjoy praising God and serve actively in the choir, and enjoy helping in their kiddo’s classes when they can.

He loves cars, dragstrips, the smell of burnt rubber and race fuel…and she loves him!

He works as a Medical Dosimetrist (you have to ask him what that is) @ Southeast Health in the Cancer Center…and she works for Mayhew Industries LLC.

Know who it is?….you guessed it.  Mark and Heather Mayhew, along with Mason (7), Marlee (4), and Maksim (3)…as well as Stella (their pug).

Glad the Mayhews are at Lynwood.  They have been a great blessing to our church and our class!



Review Numbers 13 and 14 for Sunday.  We will look @ a lesson where God sends men to look at the Promised Land and then return to give a report.

The land the Spies are sent to see is the land of God’s promise.  This is not the first time they have heard of it.  The promise has been a part of their History since it was promised to Abraham and the land has been in their future longer than the memory of any who are living.  God has been moving them toward it by His sovereign direction, constantly remembering His promise.

As you review Numbers 13 and 14, think about these questions….

  • What examples of faith and faithlessness are clear in this passage?What kinds of people follow the masses?  What kinds of people take the stand against them?  Give examples from this story and others.
  • Think in your own life.  Which kind of person do you more often resemble?  What makes you act one way or the other?
  • What can you do to be a Joshua or Caleb to the people around you and help them honor God and avoid the need for discipline?

This is a great Old Testament story with tremendous real world application for today.

See you Sunday.


What is your favorite…?

Posted: February 24, 2011 in Fun Stuff

Brandi and the kids are at church…so I am bored…so let’s get to know each other a little better!

What is your favorite candy bar?  And why? 

Leave us all a message.  Maybe “What is your favorite….?” will be a weekly installment.  Shoot me some ideas for next week’s “What is your favorite….?”


Men’s Group

Posted: February 24, 2011 in Men Stuff


We will meet Thursday morning at 6 am @ Panera.  We will discuss chapters 3 and 4 (disciplines of fatherhood and marriage). 

Should be good.  See you in the morning with a bearclaw!


Sunday Recap

Posted: February 22, 2011 in thoughts

If you were not able to be @ church Sunday, you missed a great sermon.  Check it out @

What stood out to me was “The Tragedy of God’s Light”.  The Gospel is veiled b/c of 1) the nature of the cross (it is a stumbling block to some–Romans 9:33) 2) the humility of the cross 3) the suffering of the cross and 4) the enemy of the cross.  Ultimately, the Gospel is veiled b/c of these reasons–not b/c of how we “package” the Gospel.  This shows us that we are in a spiritual battle.  Notice also that Paul said he was a “slave” for Jesus’ sake in verse 5.  Some translations would use the word servant there, but the best translation is “slave”.  Are you a slave for Jesus’ sake?

In class we talked about the differnt kinds of sacrifices in Leviticus and talked about how the sacrifices of the Old Testament allowed the Israelites to have access to God and a relationship with Him.  This can be applied to today by asking the question, “What offerings/sacrifices can we bring to God every day of our lives”?  The answer to this question in found in Romans 12:1-2 in that we offer ourselves…Hebrews 13:15 in that we offer praise…Ephesians 5:1-2 in that we offer service to others in Christ’s name…Psalm 51:17 in that we offer God a broken spirit and a contrite heart.

Have you surrendered your whole life to Christ as a living and holy sacrifice???  Great question to meditate on this week.


Sunday we will study/discuss Leviticus 11-27 and Numbers 1-5.  When you hear see those Scriptures, you might think…”What can be relevant to me today from Leviticus and Numbers?”  Trust me…there is significance in this lesson.

Look at the picture here.  What is it?  It is a picture of the bronze altar in the courtyard of the Tabernacle.  This is where many animals would be tied to the four horns of the altar and sacrificied.

As you think/prepare for the lesson, think about this question…Why did God require sacrifices?  What did that do then, and how does “sacrifice” today apply to me?

Ultimately we are going to see that:

 The Day of Atonement occurred yearly and was marked by rest and repentance. Christ offers something much better; He sacrificed Himself once for all. Our response is to rest in His work and repent of our sins.

See you all Sunday.


Happy Valentine’s Day

Posted: February 14, 2011 in Class Fun


Leave everyone a comment on what you are doing for your special someone.  We want to see your “loving” side.  Or….you can share if you struggle with this “love” thing. 

C’mon gang…open up and share…could be fun!  JB–what u gonna do?  Nick–we know Becca loves a gift.  Let’s hear it!