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Calling All Men

Posted: December 30, 2010 in Ministry

Men–Alex has a great idea that involves the men of the class.  We did this some time ago and it was good. 

How does breakfast, encouraging words, bible study, and prayer sound.  We can discuss it Sunday, but the plan will be for whoever can make it to meet once a week at a local “food joint” for coffee and/or food, along with the opportunity to discuss the Word, pray for one another, our families, or whatever…and just to get to know each other better.

It will be a great way to hold each other accountable and to get in a little fellowship.  More details on Sunday. 

Remember to get ready to read, read, read as we walk through the Bible together starting Saturday. 



This and That–week of 12/27

Posted: December 29, 2010 in Class Fun


This will serve as blank post for people to make any comments they would like.  This was suggested in class…so if you have something you want to communicate to the class, an announcement to make…whatever the case may be, then leave a comment and folks can read it.  I will try to post a generic “THIS & THAT” post each week.



God is workin!

Posted: December 29, 2010 in thoughts

Sunday we talked about the last three parts of the Radical Experiment, and finished by talking about being committed to the local church.  Then we saw Drew Witvoet go forward and join the church.  Awsome.  Great to see God workin’ in people’s lives.  Recently we have also seen the Mayhew’s join as well.

And that ain’t all…Anna Clippard and Molly Martin recently became followers of Christ and were baptized.  Molly was baptized with her daddy (Troy) which I’m sure they will never forget.  Trey Ethridge was recently baptized…as well as Mr. Evan Hasty.

He is leading to families to adopt…people are going on mission…people are serving.  It is great to be a part of such a wonderful group of people. 

Don’t forget to start reading “Through the Bible” on Saturday.

See you Sunday!


Funny People

Posted: December 23, 2010 in Class Fun

Sarah, Cynthia, Sherry, and Sonya playing the PAIN GAME!  There is something about the anticipation of being schocked.  I was not very tough, and almost threw the handle into the buffalo dip, but Ryan Bandermann was the funniest to watch.

Mark has Crisman captivated with a hilarious joke.  We have quickly learned he is a funny guy.

Meredith is showing off the gift of the evening…a vintage 1982 LA Gear ladies windsuit.  All that was missing was the big hair.  Come on Meredith, when you going to show up @ Lynwood with this on????!!!!  We dare ya.

Jason forgot he had a shirt on.  He was going to show everyone the effects of training for a 1/2 Iron-man…or he was going to do dueling banjos with his pecs…not sure!

Have you ever seen anyone more excited to receive a plant stand?  Jennifer must have been wanting this for a long time!  Congratulations Jennifer…remember, no re-gifting until next year.

Hmmmm…..”Should I open a gift?….I would really like to have that Mexican Bull-Riding Video…or maybe that potty-training video will be of good use someday…this is a BIG decision…Sherry would look good in the LA Gear windsuit….Hmmmm!

focus on a family

Posted: December 21, 2010 in Families

Nick and Becca are faithful members of Lynwood, and have been for several years.  They have four children…Bailey (7), Noah (5), Luke (2), and Roman (1).  Their family is about to expand as they are in the process of adopting a girl from Ethiopia.  Exciting.

Nick is a deacon in the church, and is also a bean-counter (serving previously as the Finance Committee chairman).  He works at Lutesville Motor Company in Marble Hill–see the following link for this high profile member of our class…  Did you know you brushed shoulders with someone famous each Sunday?

Becca has been instrumental in coordinating the Christmas Adopt-a-Child ministry that Lynwood does with the Christian Activity Center in East St. Louis.  She works with children who are deaf or are hearing impaired in a couple of local schools part time, and also homeschools their children.  Becca loves gifts, and especially likes when Nick brings her something special home from Wal-Mart, Country Mart, Rhodes, etc!!!.  What pressure!

Great to have the Underwoods @ Lynwood. 

Stay tuned for the next focus on a family.


31,101 in 365

Posted: December 20, 2010 in thoughts

What in the world do these two pictures have to do with reading the Bible through in one year?  Well,  I think the task of reading the ENTIRE Bible in one year can seem like climbing a mountain–overwhelming, difficult, work, impossible, etc.

But it is possible, and we ARE going to do it.  The second picture is a great example of how we can help each other.  As we meet together each week starting in 2011, let’s pull each other up, let’s get into each other’s lives and hold each one accountable to reading through the ENTIRE Bible!  Let’s encourage one another, let’s be real, and let’s be transformed as we read God’s Word.

Cannot wait to read 31,101 verses in 365 days with you! 

By the way, I am not letting Brandi be in charge of the “accountability stuff”…she is way to tough…I don’t like getting flogged.


Class Party, etc

Posted: December 15, 2010 in Class Fun, Ministry, Upcoming lessons

For all those interested in food, fun, fellowship, and regifting…our annual class Christmas party is Friday night.  The festivities will begin at 6:3o at the Greene’s.  Be sure to bring a white elephant gift…no spending money on gifts allowed (bring whatever you have that you do not want).  Remember each couple bring a man’s gift and woman’s gift.  Prizes available for best gift (or worst gift depending on how you look at it).

Please bring a finger food if your last name starts with A-M, and a dessert if your last name is N-Z, or both if you are ambitious! 

We live at 1509 Boxwood in Jackson.  From Cape, go N on Kingshighway into Jackson.  Stay on this road (past Wal-Mart, McDonalds, and Country Mart).  You will go across the railroad tracks just past Country Mart.  Turn right on Farmington (2nd light past the railroad tracks).  You will go through 2 stop signs and continue on Farmington when you come to a light at the intersection of Farmington and Independence.  Turn left on Redbud (first street to your left after you cross Independence).  Then turn left on Boxwood.  We are on the right and will be the house that looks like Clark W. Griswold’s!

On a serious note, there was almost $500 given to help the couple mentioned in class.  People are shopping tonight to help provide items for their children for Christmas, as well as gas and other practical needs.  Thanks for you committment to serve. 

Remember our lesson Sunday on the call for us to pray that there would be workers who will go out into the world to share the Gospel.  If there are 4.5 billion people without Christ, then there is a good possibility that we are not praying for people to GO.  Let’s pray together and praise the Lord as we see people being sent out.

This Sunday we will consider why we need to read the entire Word of God.

See you all Friday!  Going to look for a pitiful gift.